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Sitting the test

Following is important information about what to expect and what to bring to the test session.

Confirming / cancelling the test booking

If you can't attend the test session, call Defence Force Recruiting on 13 19 02 or VETASSESS on 03 9655 4804 to cancel or change your booking.

You are required to confirm you are attending the test session booked for you. On receipt of a text message or email from VETASSESS, please reply to confirm or cancel your testing.

Please take note of your 'Test Attempt expiry date/s'.

If you need to reschedule the test date, VETASSESS will attempt to book you into the next available test session at the same test venue but cannot guarantee there will be another test date available during the 92 day Test Attempt period. If your testing cannot be rebooked within this 92 day Test Attempt period, you will forfeit this Test Attempt. This will count as one of your Test Attempts.

Attending the test session

On the day of the AEES tests, you must present at the test venue at the time specified in the confirmation letter received from VETASSESS.

When you arrive at the test venue on the day, you must register before the test session.

What to bring

You must bring the following:

  • Candidate Voucher (sent from VETASSESS)
  • One form of photo identification (can include driver's licence, learner's permit, boat licence, passport, student ID card, employment ID card, proof of age card or other identification with a photograph that shows your full name

If you do not have photographic identification, call VETASSESS on 03 9655 4804.

Please note: you will NOT be admitted to the test room without the above items


You will need to bring:

  • stationery: pens, 2B pencils, soft eraser, sharpener
  • calculator: silent, battery-operated, non-programmable scientific calculator (for use in the Mathematics and Science tests only)
  • ruler (for use in the Year 12 Advanced Mathematics test only)
  • bottled water (recommended)

Please note:

  • mobile phones with calculator functionality and CAS/graphics calculators are not permitted
  • you will not be permitted to borrow a calculator from another candidate after entering the test room
  • it is your responsibility to ensure the calculator is in good working order
  • we recommend you take extra batteries to the test session
  • spare calculators and spare batteries will not be available at the test session

Personal belongings

  • no dictionary of any kind is permitted in the test room
  • mobile phones, music players and other electronic devices must be switched off
  • personal items bought into the test room must be stored in the designated area or under the desk


Materials provided on the day

Once the test session commences, you will be issued with the required test materials. These include:

  • test booklets
  • answer sheet
  • working space sheets(note paper).

Format of the AEES tests

You may be required to complete one or more tests at either Year 10 or Year 12 level and will generally be booked to complete the required tests at one test session.

Tests Time allowed Items
Year 10
Year 12
multiple choice – reading, comprehension & language
English written expression task

30 minutes

30 minutes


1 task


1 task
General Mathematics
multiple choice

(not applicable to Technical Trades)

30 minutes


Advanced Mathematics - Year 10
multiple choice

30 minutes


Advanced Mathematics - Year 12
extended response

30 minutes x 3 test components (1.5 hours in total)


11 items x 3 test components (33 items in total)
multiple choice

30 minutes




More information

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Need help?

  • FAQs
  • Call Defence Force Recruiting on 13 19 02

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